Donate to the Emacs Helm Project


I am very sad to hear the news that Thierry Volpiatto has to stop developing the Emacs Helm project due to financial reasons. So I registered a Patreon account and donate to him monthly.

Helm has significantly improved our experience to interact with Emacs. It has evolved into a killer app for Emacs under Thierry Volpiatto’s maintenance. Helm is already very powerful but I am sure Thierry Volpiatto still has many great ideas in his head. It will be a great loss to the Emacs community if Thierry Volpiatto stopped developing Helm.

Maintaining such a project requires a lot of work, but as we all know, those maintainers usually earn very little from the community. We all owe the maintainers a lot.

I had once watched an interview about Thierry Volpiatto, so I’m sure I earn significantly less than him. But I’d like to donate to him a tiny amount monthly to show my gratitute. I advocate every Helm user to donate to Thierry Volpiatto. Every dollar matters. Let’s donate to Thierry Volpiatto to keep the Helm Project alive!


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