Apilayer is a shitty company


During the past years, in order to automate my personal life, I wrote many scripts. Some of them rely on API services. When I need a certain kind of API service, I always search online for a registration-free service provider. An open-source service would be even better. I do not want to maintain a user account or access key for each of my tiny script. I could find many good registration-free API service providers online. Most of these API services are developed and maintained by geeks. I love these guys and their services.

But many of my scripts are broken after working perfectly for months because the API service was bought by Apilayer.com and they turn the registration-free API service into a registration-required API service. When this happened, I would try to find another registration-free API service and modify my scripts to use the new API service. But then, again, after several months, this new API service would be bought by Apilayer.com and turn into a registration-required API service. Finding a simple registration-free API service is becoming harder and harder.

I am sure I am not the only one disturbed by Apilayer’s action. They definitely break a lot of user’s programs. Breaking API is a serious problem for software engineers. Apilayer, you are making your potential customers angry. You are in a war against open-source registration-free API services. What I care about is not price, but user experience. I know my usage frequency is well under your free quota. I would rather donate to a registration-free service instead of paying yours. You are not capable of building your own good API product and competing fairly with your rivals. Instead, you buy out other people’s API products and turn that into yours.

Open-source free service providers deserve money reward for their work. I don’t intend to blame them for selling their work to Apilayer. But Apilayer, your business model of buying out every existing registration-free API service provider and turn that into closed-door service in order to charge money is really disgusting.



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